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Future Music review of Greg Adams’ Big Band Brass

Article Future Music Few instruments are harder to reproduce through the traditional sample-played-on-a-keyboard method than trumpets, saxophones and other brass. Perhaps only the guitar, with its very particular “guitar” articulations, is harder to emulate with a sampler and keyboard. Nevertheless, manufactures continue to explore ways to bring playable horn samples to producers, but unless you’re

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EQ Magazine review of Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars

Article Author EQ Magazine Craig Anderton The “performance loops” concept strings together compatible loops to create complete compositions. The loops are taken from multi-track recordings of songs, yielding various chord progressions but also, several loops are repeated with small variations. The loops are basically rhythm guitar parts using 6-string (474 MB; mono, stereo, and double-tracked),

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Keyboard Magazine review of Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars

Article Author Keyboard Magazine Bob Schleeter Pros: Outstanding performances. Excellent tone. Killer recordings. Cons: Lack of fingerpicking material. No mention of major/minor tonality in loops. Bottom Line: A great way to get top-quality acoustic guitar parts. Yikes, I think to myself. The cover says “Over 1000 Guitar Loops and Samples.” Everybody I know already plays

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