Scott Rockenfield Queensryche Drums

Scott Rockenfield Queensryche Drums

The ultimate rock drum loops collection!

From the producer of the Performance Loops series, and the driving force behind the multi-platinum and grammy nominated band Queensryche, comes the ultimate rock drum loops collection, Scott Rockenfield – Queensryche Drums!

Scott Rockenfield recreates the drum tracks for many of his favorite Queensryche songs. Then, in typical Performance Loops fashion, the drum tracks for each performance have been split into many different loops, variations, fills, and individual hits, that you can string together to create a complete drum track that fits your song!

You get over 650 loops and samples in your choice of ACIDized Wave format, Apple Loop Format AIFF, or Recycle RX format — full of all your favorite Queensryche drum grooves, organized into folders by song performance! All of the loops and samples are presented in both “dry” and “wet” versions (for a total of over 1300 loops & samples).  “Wet” versions have the sound of the room microphones mixed in, while “dry” versions do not. Similar settings were used for all performances, giving you the increased flexibility of mixing and matching loops from multiple performance folders to construct the perfect drum track for your song.

Individual samples are presented for Scott’s entire drum kit, with multiple dynamics for major kit pieces.  There are 95 drum kit samples, plus 12 cymbal swells/rolls (with both dry and wet versions of everything).

Surprisingly versatile, these loops and samples can be used in a wide variety of music.

Scott Rockenfield’s signature sound and style are all here and available to you for the first time for use in your own productions!