Scott Rockenfield Drums – Extras

Killer drum loops from Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield!

This is the COMPLETE “Extras” collection of drum loops and samples from Scott Rockenfield, the drummer for Queensryche. When we produced the original Scott Rockenfield Queensryche Drums loop and sample CD for Big Fish Audio, we simply recorded too much great material with Scott to fit it all on the two discs in that set. So, we split the material in half and put the rest of it in this download only Extras collection.

This collection contains 11 complete sets of drum loop performances, 7 of which were Scott recreating the drum tracks to songs that he recorded with Paul Speer for the Grammy Nominated “Hell’s Canyon”, and 4 sets are him having fun jamming out with a click track at different tempos.

In addition, there were quite a bit of loops and samples that we had to remove from the Big Fish Audio product in order to fit that on two discs, so we put all of those “deleted” extra files in this collection. There is nothing wrong with any of these loops… we simply didn’t have the room for them all. There are 17 sets of loops in the “deleted” category, with multiple loops in each set (anywhere from 7 to 30 loops in a set), PLUS several cymbal swell samples, and another folder with 53 individual drum hit samples!

This collection is available in ACID Wave Format (.WAV), Apple Loop Format (.AIFF), or Recycle 2 Format (.RX2).   The Recycle collection doesn’t contain the “deleted” section, but still has the cymbals swells and individual hits.

This ACID Wave and Apple Loop Format collections have a grand total of 740 drum loops and samples! The Recycle format collection has a grand total of 522 loops and samples.  Each of those loops and samples are presented in both “wet” and “dry” versions (with and without room microphones mixed in).

All the files are at full CD quality, stereo, 16 bit, 44.1Khz, with the loop properties and stretch/slice markers pre-defined.

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