Performance Loops Drums – Vol. 1

The product that started it all!

Performance Loops Drums Volume 1 has over 1000 drum loops, variations, & fills at many tempos & styles, so that you can create an original sounding drum track to the exact length you need for your song or production. You can create a realistic performance that sounds like it was played all the way through by a real drummer (which is essentially what it would be), instead of sounding like you used loops.  However, if you want to have that looped sound, you have a lot more variations to choose from, and aren’t stuck with just one or two loops from each style.

Everything has been pre-edited to exact tempos (+/- 0.001 bpm). All files are Stereo, 16-bit, 44.1Khz and have been digitally mixed and mastered.

Available as ACIDized Wave files, Apple Loop Format AIFF files, or Recycle RX2 files.