Performance Loops Drums – Vol. 2

The follow up to the highly successful Performance Loops Drums Vol. 1!

Over 1000 of the highest quality stereo drum loops, variations, fills and hits from top session drummers recorded at world class recording studios in Seattle and LA.

All loops have been edited to exact tempos (+/- 0.001 bpm) for perfect synchronization with your sequencer.  Available as ACIDized Wave files, Apple Loop Format AIFF files, or Recycle RX2 files, allowing easy tempo synchronization with just about any DAW.

The Performance Loops series represents a unique approach to sample libraries, taking several loops, variations, fills and hits from the tracks of real song performances. By using many different loops, variations, and fills from a performance, you can construct a complete track that sounds like it was played by a real drummer instead of sounding like the same loop over and over (unless that’s the sound you’re going for). Or, if you are searching for that perfect loop, you have a much wider range of variations to choose from in each style with the Performance Loops series.