Arranged By… Greg Adams

Arranged by Greg Adams - Classic Horn Section Loops & Samples

Classic Horn Section Loops & Samples

The sound of Greg Adams is one of the world’s best-known musical signatures. As the architect of Tower of Power’s horn arrangements for 25 years, Greg’s legendary horn arrangements made the TOP horn section a sought out entity all its own. With the release of East Bay Soul 2.0 Greg puts his concept of the five–piece horn section out on the front line once more.

Now you can create that sound in your music with Greg Adams’ Classic Horn Section Loops & Samples.

Award winning Mixing Engineer and Performance Loops producer Stephen Sherrard teams up with Grammy and Emmy nominated trumpeter arranger Greg Adams again to bring you Greg’s classic five-piece horn section. Two trumpets and three saxes – 2 Tenors and Bari.  Occasionally, alto sax replaced the 1st tenor because of range issues.

Adams’ signature sound is clearly stamped throughout the over 3800, 24 bit, loops & samples, provided in both ACID Wave and Apple Loop AIFF formats, as well as six Kontakt instruments.  Recorded at the world famous London Bridge Studio (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, etc.) through the vintage Neve 8048 console, all loops and samples are provided in both a “Punchy” mix (close mics) and a “Big Room” mix (room microphones mixed in).

The loops section contains 30 of Greg’s classic horn section phrases (charts included in the documentation), recorded at 2 different tempos, and in 5 different keys, for maximum flexibility.  Use them as is, or chop them up and combine them to create your own unique phrases.  Also included are a series of chromatically sampled Bari Sax phrases which can be blended with the section loops.  Other loops include ad-lib solo loops for both Tenor and Bari Saxophones.

For more power and flexibility, a wide range of single shot samples was recorded with Greg’s classic horn section voicing.  Articulations include sustained, forte piano, stabs and falls, as well as a collection of double-tracked chords and trumpet high notes. Voicing includes: unison, major, minor, major 7, major 9, minor 7, Sharp9, 11, Aug9, Dim, 7#5, 7#9, Flat13#5.  Use by themselves or combine any of these single shot samples with Greg’s loops to easily create your own arrangements. All single shot samples are provided as separate audio files as well as pre-arranged into 6 custom Kontakt instruments for easier playability.

The end result is a collection of flexible loops and samples that retain the unique voicing and feel of the horn section arrangements Greg is known for.  Much better than a sterile multi-sampled library, this collection is brimming with life and soul!

If you are looking for a horn section sound that is Fat As A House to add to your production you do not have to look any further!