Acoustic Guitars – Complete Collection

Bundle of the original Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars, plus the Acoustic Guitars extra, all for one special price.


Performance Loops – Acoustic Guitars
Finally, a usable acoustic guitar library!

And what better way to have it than in the Performance Loops series?

Similar to the Performance Loops Drums series you’re able to use several guitar loops and variations from a single performance (or session) and string them together to create a complete track. Each guitar performance is organized by chords or root key, and laid out for you to construct a whole song instead of just relying on one ambiguous loop. 6 string steel, 6 string nylon and 12 string guitars from Taylor, Guild, Gibson, Ovation and others.

Over 1000 loops in folk/rock, rock/pop, acoustic singer/songwriter, with some jazz, funk and a touch of country thrown in. The Performance Loops series has revolutionized production and this is one not to miss!

Presented in ACIDized Wave format files, which can be opened by any DAW that can open Wave files.


Performance Loops – Acoustic Guitars Extras
Expand the Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars collection

This download contains all the extra material from the Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars recording sessions that we couldn’t fit on the original Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars CD-ROM.

You will find a wide variety of strummed chords that are sustained until they fully decay, using all three guitars with session guitarist Greg Fulton. You will also get several sets of extra loops from Greg using all three of his guitars that we couldn’t fit on the original Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars product. Many of these sets are loops from extended free tempo improvisation sessions that Greg performed.

For those of you who don’t own the Performance Loops Acoustic Guitars Big Fish Audio CD, Greg Fulton did a recording session with us using three different acoustic guitars: 6-string Steel, 6-string Nylon (classical), and 12-string Steel.

All of the files are in ACIDized Wave file format, and will work in any DAW that can play back Wave files.

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